Check out these links to learn more about my research:
WITN News (Greenville, NC), January 5th, 2022 - "As rainwater sits days after storm, expert explains the risk of prolonged flooding":​​​​​​​

UNC Endeavors Magazine - "Observing where water meets land" section related to this project

Taking a seat with Carolina’s Researchers (UNC): 

EnviroDIY guest blog post: 

Stormwater ponds are everywhere, but how do they work? (UNC Institute for the Environment): 

Real-time water quality sensors (UNC College of Arts & Sciences): 

Stormwater pond nitrogen cycling (Coastal Review Online): 

Stormwater pond nitrogen cycling (UNCTV): 

UNC Impact Award: 

UNder the C Blog: 

Lake Mattamuskeet (UNCTV): 
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