Q: Stormwater infrastructure drains urban areas when it rains, but how do increasingly high tides impact coastal stormwater drainage?
Recurrent nuisance flooding, often called "high tide flooding" is a growing issue in coastal communities. Although it is common knowledge that stormwater drainage networks in coastal areas can become inundated by tidal waters, little research has characterized this issue. 

Using a mix of water level measurements and static inundation modeling that includes stormwater infrastructure, this ongoing project characterizes stormwater network inundation in four coastal North Carolina communities (Beaufort, New Bern, Wilmington, and Nags Head). 

Related to this project, I am also working with collaborators at UNC and NC State to set up a real-time sensor network in storm drains to characterize, model, and predict high tide flooding in Beaufort, North Carolina.


Estimates of high tide flooding (NOAA high tide flooding on roads) for US east coast: https://gold.shinyapps.io/urban_HTF/

Wilmington stormwater network inundation estimates: https://gold.shinyapps.io/SW_network_app/

Beaufort stormwater network inundation modeling results: https://gold.shinyapps.io/Bft_sw_app/

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